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Wickness guarantee

DCC Converted Locos

Wickness Models guarantees the work carried out on all conversions for a period of 6 months. If you feel that your loco has problems related to the conversion carried out we will re-examine and repair the loco free of charge including postage costs, should the problem be related to our work. Please note however that all dcc work carried out is fully isolated to prevent failure of the associated decoder. Running problems are predominantly associated with mechanical failure and/or maintenance. We are very willing to examine and correct these problems on locomotives where we have carried out dcc conversion work. It should be noted that a charge may be applicable if the problem is mechanical.

DCC Decoders

All dcc decoders supplied for sale by Wickness Models or fitted by Wickness Models are covered by the manufacturers guarantee. The nature of these guarantees varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some require replacement via the retailer and some require direct contact with the manufacturer by the purchaser. Wickness Models recognises that this is confusing for customers and will always request a return of decoder or dcc converted loco to assess the reason for failure if you feel that a decoder has failed. We will then give appropriate advice on the cause of the problem.

Controllers and Other Products

All controllers and other products not relating specifically to dcc conversion are fully covered under the manufacturers guarantee.