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Union Mills DCC

Union Mills locomotives DCC


DCC Fitted with A Lenz Silver Mini Decoder

Union Mills Locomotives are superb on DCC. The metal cast chassis ensures good pickup contact which is the main prerequisite for good DCC running. Micro decoders can be fitted in the tender above the motor by milling away part of the tender shell. There is an alternative locating the decoder in the cab but this extends the wiring between cab and tender and the decoder is of course visible. Locating above the motor retains the locomotive in the originally intended configuration when manufactured. We recommend using Lenz Silver Mini decoder because it is particularly well suited to smooth low throttle running when matched with the Union Mills motor, other micro decoders do not tend to replicate this quality of low throttle running but we will of course fit them if you wish to use a different one. The models are not suited to sound conversions because of the limited tender space and cast boiler section. They are a very worthwhile addition to any DCC layout where you are looking for smooth running and good control at low throttle. You can view example test runs of Union Mills locos running on DCC in the videos below.

We dont sell Union Mills Models direct from the website but we do have an arrangement with Colin Heard of Union Mills Just contact us on douglas@wicknessmodels.co.uk with the model you would like to order and we will get back to you with the overall fitted price. If you would like to go ahead we send out an email invoice for the model and fitting. The whole process usually takes around 1 week from first contact to receiving the model from us. You can also contact Colin direct on 01624 852896 or colin.h@manx.net and he will be happy to post direct to us for fitting.  It’s always handy to drop us a line here just to let us know you have ordered a model from Colin which is being sent to us so that we can look out for it.

Alternatively you can send your own loco for conversion. The price is exactly the same including return postage fitted with a Lenz Silver Mini decoder. To take advantage of this service please contact us here.

List of all Union Mills models made, all have been made in both BR and Grouped liveries apart from City of Truro which only had one livery

J11 0-6-0 2F 0-6-0 700 0-6-0 DEAN GOODS 0-6-0
J25 0-6-0 3F 0-6-0 “0395” 0-6-0 COLLETT 0-6-0
J26 0-6-0 7F 0-8-0 T9 4-4-0 DUKEDOG 4-4-0
J27 0-6-0 G2 0-8-0 CITY OF TRURO 4-4-0
J38 0-6-0 CAULIFLOWER 0-6-0
J39 0-6-0 2P 4-4-0
Q2 0-8-0 PRINCE OF WALES 4-6-0
D20 4-4-0
B12 4-6-0
D11 4-4-0
D16/3 4-4-0

You can see the most recent list of available Union Mills locos by clicking this link (please note we update this as often as possible but you will always be able to obtain the most recent list by contacting Colin using the details above)

Please view the gallery below to see Union Mills models converted by Wickness Models. Please note this is a gallery of example models converted over the years and covers examples of all models bar the Cauliflower. This gallery is not a currently available selection. To inquire about currently available models please get in touch on douglas@wicknessmodels.co.uk