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Give Your Models the TMC Treatment


Weathering Service

TMC can weather any model in any gauge. Weathering can take on many different guises, whether you want a heavy in-service finish or perhaps a light preservation weathering or anything in between. TMC also offer a custom deluxe weathering service that can be modelled from photographs of real locomotives. The custom finish can be interpreted with dirt, rust, grime, soot, water, limescale and oil deposits and much more. Of course, weathering isn’t for everyone TMC high gloss finish is a great way to give your model that extra special feel whilst keeping it clean. Just ask for the ex-works high gloss finish.

Renumbering Service

TMC offer a wide range of renaming and renumbering options. Perhaps you remember seeing the locomotive in real life, or you want to create a fictitious locomotive named after yourself. What ever your goal is, TMC can create it. TMC enhance models wherever possible; examples of this are ensuring correct size, style and shade of lettering. The use of high quality etched nameplates, crests, headboards and shields also help achieve a factory finish. All transfers and etchings are designed to the correct specification and measurements in accordance with actual photographs of the real thing. Many locomotives carry unique plaques or crests which we tirelessly reproduce to a high quality simulating the prototype.

The Finishing Touches

There is no doubt that weathering your models helps to create realism, but there is no limit as to how detailed you want to make your TMC custom finish models. There are many optional extras to choose from take a look at the list below: