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DCC fitting service

Tip: You can view details of specific manufacturer’s locos on dcc by browsing the Menu above on “Information”, “Specific Brands On DCC”, we have articles on many manufacturers locos to read. You can view a range of recent completed models in all gauges by clicking the Wickness Work Gallery

Wickness Models provides a bespoke DCC Fitting Service for N, OO and O gauge locomotives. The portfolio of manufacturers covered is extensive including UK, European and American, and can be seen by visiting the Wickness YouTube channel . The channel has over 300 test runs of recent conversions with commentary on the difficulties involved.

For people building and wiring their own DCC layouts and carrying out their own DCC conversions we offer a range of equipment to cover all budgets. The equipment ranges we sell have been selected through many years of experience and specifically on the basis of quality at all levels of the market. We are stockists of Lenz, Uhlenbrock, Zimo, Digitrax, ESU, CT Elektronik, Hornby and TCS. The full range can be seen in our shop section.

To read about the Wickness approach to DCC conversion and equipment sales please read the Wickness Company Profile

All conversions are done only after discussion on your specific requirements. Please contact us for a discussion on the pros and cons of any DCC conversion before committing to any work. Please contact us here to discuss your requirements. Booking a conversion is very straightforward please click here

For some fitting tutorials on common models please have a look at the Bromsgrove Models Fitting Tutorial Page Here

No payment is necessary before the work is complete, we send you a video test run of the loco or locos when the work is complete thus providing proof that the work has been carried out successfully, only then do we send an email invoice which can be paid by credit/debit card or PayPal.

Approximate prices can be seen below, all include vat, please use this table as a guide only as there are some exceptions for specific models which involve a little more work in each category. Just contact us for a specific price. Our prices are fair and include testing and video recording of each model on completion. We then send you a video link to view before we request payment for the work

Gauge Manufacturer Cost
N Any £12
OO/HO Any £12
O Any £12
Gauge Manufacturer Cost
N Any £24
N Tender Fit Poole Chassis £30
OO/HO Any £24
O Any £30
Split Chassis Bachmann £36
Gauge Manufacturer Cost
OO/HO Any £36
Spilt Chassis Bachmann £48
O Any £48
O With Lighting Rewire £85
N Any £60 – £90
Gauge Manufacturer Cost
N Any £42
OO/HO Any £42
Gauge Manufacturer Cost
N Any £30
OO/HO Any £30

Wickness Vault: The Wickness Vault is a library of articles and tutorials on DCC including tutorials, decoder and controller manuals, also other interesting items. You can access the vault by navigating to the information section of this website. Registration is no longer required to access these files. Please note – The new vault is still under construction and will be available soon(Date of writing 25th September 2017)

N Gauge Sound Conversion: Sound in N gauge is developing very fast, you will now find a large range of models to which we can fit. If you would like to get in touch please contact douglas@wicknessmodels.co.uk, sound provides a wonderful enhancement to railway modelling, our basic advice for this at the moment is:

Dapol Tender Steamers For DCC Sound, Diesels becoming more accessible.
Farish Diesels for DCC Sound. Many tender Steamers now much more dcc sound friendly
Both Farish and Dapol DMU’s are excellent on sound.

OO Gauge Sound Conversion

Most OO gauge models in uk outline manufactured in the last 10 years from Hornby, Bachmann and Dapol can be fitted with sound for a very reasonable price. All are recommended. A point of note is that for those customers who still have older Bachmann Split Chassis steamers, these models are not particularly recommended for sound but the chassis type is highly recommended for basic dcc because of the weight and smooth can motor running. Basic drive for these models is highly recommended as they can be fitted with affordable decoders and run both smoothly and silently at all speeds. These are the models that we run on our own layout

O Gauge Sound Conversion

The most popular of these at the moment are O Gauge Heljan Diesels most of which can produce excellent sound when fitted with Loksound V4 XL decoders, very impressive indeed. Other O gauges such as smaller steamers etc can be fitted with V4 decoders and the sound enhanced by adding additional speakers in parallel which reduces sound circuit resistance and increases power output

Please scroll down to see some examples of N Gauge, OO Gauge and O Gauge DCC Fittings By Wickness Models