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Zimo MX600R 8 Pin DCC Decoder


Zimo MX600R

0.8A continuous, 1.5A peak power, 4 function outputs, Wickness recommended, more decoder for the money than any other available in the UK at present. High quality Austrian design and manufacture the decoder is supplied with heat shrink cover to ensure no shorts are present when fitting(see second picture). Ideal for OO gauge locos with 8 pin socket

Dimensions: 1.00 x .44 x .079 inches (25 x 11 x 2 mm) Wired

Please download the manual to view the full functionality here

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The new Zimo MX600R Decoder. The intention of creating this decoder type is to produce a decoder quite similar to a Lenz or ESU Standard decoder and to make the decoder as attractive as possible, with a focus on the things that it “really needs”, omitting features which are superfluous for most modellers. With ZIMO, the actual reductions compared to the “normal” decoders are small and for the intended use (i.e. for DCC operation without SUSI and servos).

The term “Flat Decoder” is due to the low height of the placement of all components on one side (2 mm). This also makes a lower price possible than other ZIMO decoders with components on both sides of the printed circuit board. Cost optimization has been achieved with the circuitry and components, but for the vast majority of applications, the MX600 still a full blown ZIMO decoder

Dimensions: 1.00 x .44 x .079 inches (25 x 11 x 2 mm) Wired


0.8A continuous, 1.5A peak power
14, 28, 128 speed steps
3-way adjustable back-EMF
selectable frequency, low 50 to 150Hz / high 20kHZ to 40 kHz for noiseless operation!
for all DC motors inclusive core less
NMRA bidirectional communication (RailCom)
3-point or individual speed table
short circuit protected
thermal protection
reliable overload protection
5 digit addressing
4 function outputs
all lighting effects with programmable timing and dimming
firmware can be updated by the user via Internet!

Please download the manual to view the full functionality here

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