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Track Bus Dropper Pack


Track Bus and dropper Wire Pack

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80 metres of layout wiring cable as follows

20m Track Bus Wire Black + 20m Track bus Wire Red

24/0.2 Track Bus:

24/0.2mm conductor stranding

2.3mm cable diameter, 300V voltage rating

Tinned copper conductor material, PVC insulation material, DEF61-12 standards, insulation thickness: 0.584mm, current: 19A, 19A current rating, 24.5R/km resistance, manufactured wire, DEFT61-12 (part 6).

Suitable for all layout connections in small and larger layouts


20m Dropper-Track Bus Blue + 20m Dropper-Track Bus Yellow

16/0.2mm Conductor Stranding, 1.55mm Cable Diameter, 1kVrms Voltage Rating

Tinned Annealed Copper Conductor Material, PVC Insulation Material, +70°C, DEF61-12, BS4808 Standards,

Current Rating 3A at 70°C

Suitable for small to medium layout connection including track bus, dropper and accessory connection

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