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Lenz Standard 10231-02 8 Pin DCC Decoder

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Lenz standard Decoder

    • Size: L 1.0″ x W 0.61″x H 0.12″ L 25mm x W 15.4mm x H 3.1mm

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Lenz Standard Decoder, Lenz 10231-02

Lenz Standard 10231-02 8 Pin DCC Decoder

The new standard + V2: he can do everything that the STANDARD + always could. 
The new version has the additional feature of ABS, extra function output and is optimized for use with LEDs.

Lenz Standard Decoder Manual Download

Some information on Lenz Decoders well worth noting if you are considering which decoder to buy, over the years we have only experienced 1 genuine failure on a Lenz decoder and 1 failure on a controller despite having sold many hundreds. One of the main reasons for this is that accross the range of lenz decoders they are protected by good quality thermal overload circuits. A short circuit is detected but also when a long overload causing similar thermal damage occurs the drive circuit is shut down and fully protected. This means that instead of simply blowing when under conditions of short or overload like many US based decoders with inferior circuitry, they will simply cut out and allow you to reset either by thermal reset or overall reset. Essentially it is very difficult to lose a Lenz decoder through short circuit so you get a second chance instead of a puff of smoke. They are more expensive but they are worth it

Intelligent mode selection allows use as a function decoder more info
RailCom capable, RailCom function already set at the factory
ABC -capable for point genaus stopping and automatic block sections
high-frequency control of motor speed
Motor current 1 A
four function outputs *, 150 mA load (light bulbs at 30 mA) – optimized for LEDs
limit for all F-Outputs: 350 mA
Function outputs timed switchable (eg for remote controlled couplings)
Naturally short-circuit protected outputs
continue with 2- and 4-digit addresses
of course, also in multiple traction
Automatic detection of digital / analog operation
Connection cable with plug NEM652
Less than the new standard, you should not ask for really!
In addition to the three functional outputs on the NEM652 interface there is now a 4th available on the free outer solder pad which must be soldered


    • Size: L 1.0″ x W 0.61″x H 0.12″ L 25mm x W 15.4mm x H 3.1mm

STANDARD Decoder feature set
The following contains a short introduction of the features of the
STANDARD decoder as well as information on how to use them.
For more detailed information please refer to the “STANDARD decoder”
information which can be downloaded from the Lenz Elektronik GmbH
website: www.lenz.com.

Capacity and protection equipment 
The motor output has a current-carrying capacity of up to 1A without any
concern for cooling! The short-term maximum current-carrying capacity is
1.8A. The decoder is protected against short circuits. In case of a fault, a
bit is set in CV30 which will state the type of fault which has occurred. This
bit can be cleared via setting this CV to 0. Because of this protection the
Standard decoder can work with motors that have very high stall currents.

Maximum continuous current carrying capacity of total decoder: 1.0 Amps
Motor output – Continuous/peak motor/locked rotor stall: 1.0 Amps / 1.0 Amps / 1.0 Amps
Function output A, B, C and D: 100 mA each
Total current-carrying capacity of function outputs: 300 mA

High Frequency Back EMF Motor control 
Standard decoders have a very smooth and quiet high-frequency motor control (23kHz). If necessary, the performance of the decoder can be optimized to one of 6 specific motor types in the locomotive using CV50.
These motor types include parameter sets which have been specially adapted to the respective models. In addition, it is possible to perform additional fine-tuning via CV113 or CV114 when selecting motor types 4 or 5. If desired you can switch off both the high-frequency drive as well as the control system itself. You can still use CV9 to adjust the repetition rate.

The minimum (CV2), maximum (CV5) and mid (CV6) speeds can be set; the decoder automatically adapts these desired speed parameters dynamically to ensure a steady, smooth curve. It is also possible to program a user defined unique speed curve.
The decoder also has what we refer to as a EMF switch which makes it possible to further adjust the decoder to different motor types. Depending on the motor type used, it is possible that a digitally controlled locomotive cannot reach an adequate maximum speed compared to a locomotive in conventional operation. If this is the case, activate your EMF switch by setting Bit 6 in CV 50. The locomotive will then reach a higher maximum speed while the minimum speed is also slightly increased.

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  1. Douglas

    Smooth low speed running, runs straight out of the box with no adjustment, very good indeed

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