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GWR 5600 Class Taffy Tank


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Listen to a sample of this project

Zimo sound decoders are industry leaders in terms of features, performance and reliability. All Zimo sound decoders provide the same set of features varying only in their physical attributes such as size, motor power output, and number of function outputs.

Immersive Drive – All locomotive sounds have now been enhanced with a new YouChoos immersiveDrive variant which combines many advanced features available on Zimo decoders as standard, resulting in a more involved, stimulating and realistic driving experience. Features include  Active Braking, Shunt/Half Speed Mode, Light-Engine, Dynamic Inertia and Exponential Momentum, to name a few. The Traditional-style projects have also been updated with any improved sounds, so quality is ensured, regardless of which style of control you opt for.

Which decoder should I choose? Well, this depends on the scale and model you are installing into, how much space you have, and if there are any specific features you need. Contact us if you need help

Speakers – Please note All speakers are 1W unless marked 2W. The 2W speaker options are not compatible with MX648/648/658

Should I choose Immersive Drive or Traditional? Read about Immersive Drive Here  or  Read about Traditional Drive here

Traditional Drive Immersive Drive
F0 AUX1/FOfwd + AUX2/FOrev directional lights F0 AUX1/FOfwd + AUX2/FOrev directional lights
F1 MainSounds+Mute+UserSounds F1 MainSounds+Mute+UserSounds
F2 Whistle F2 Active Brake
F3 AUX3/FA1+Coal Shovelling looping F3 Whistle
F4 AUX4/FA2 F4 Whistle
F5 QuickSelect F5 QuickSelect
F6 Whistle F6 AUX3/FA1+Coal Shovelling looping
F7 Blower looping F7 Blower looping
F8 Valve Release F8 Valve Release
F9 Guard’s Whistle F9 Guard’s Whistle
F10 Cylinders looping F10 Cylinders looping
F11 Valve Release F11 Valve Release
F12 ShuntingMode+Half Shunt F12 AUX4/FA2
F13 Announcement F13 Announcement
F14 Wheel Flange F14 Wheel Flange
F15 Truck Squeaks looping F15 Truck Squeaks looping
F16 Doors Closing F16 Doors Closing
F17 Train Approaching Bell F17 Train Approaching Bell
F18 Whistle F18 Whistle
F19 Buffer Up F19 Buffer Up
F20 Volume Decrease F20 ShuntingMode+Half Shunt
F21 Volume Increase F21 Blower
F22 Blower looping F22 Blower looping
F23 Whistle F23 Whistle
F24 Platform Noise looping F24 Platform Noise looping
F25 Cab Clanks F25 Cab Clanks
F26 Blower F26 –unassigned–
F27 –unassigned– F27 Volume Decrease
F28 –unassigned– F28 Volume Increase

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Decoder and Interface

MX644D 21 Pin Direct, MX645R 8Pin on Wired Harness, MX648R 8 Pin on Wired Harness, MX648F 6 Pin on Wired Harness, MX649R 8 Pin on Wired Harness, MX649N 6 Pin Direct, MX649F 6 Pin on Wired Harness


Zimo Sugarlump, Zimo Sugarcube, Zimo MX40X22X9-2W, Wickness 40-20, ESU 50323, Zimo 55X22X09-2W, Zimo 40X20X09, Zimo Microcube, Youchoos Microcube 5, Limo 6

Drive Type

Immersive Drive, Traditional Drive