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Hifi Interconnect Balanced Cable Model D1.2


Hi Fi Interconnect Cable D1.2 (1 Pair of hifi interconnect cables approximately 0.8m)

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Hifi Interconnect Cable D1.2 (1 Pair of hifi interconnect cables approximately 0.8m)

Our cables are hand made from high quality materials to provide minimum frequency loss between source and amplifier. We encourage you to compare them with more expensive brands.

The price of our cables is based on the materials used which we list below with a standard build cost added

100% shielded through the use of dense copper spiral shielding and a robust braided fleece around the wire pairs (FRNC-version with AL-foil). The fleece is vaporized on both sides with a conductive aluminium layer. This guarantees endurance of 100% shielding. The low capacitance, low inductance, shielded design minimises frequency loss which means soaring trebles and deep natural bass

The cable is directional earthed at source end(this end is marked on the RCA plugs). Fully balanced cable meaning that it has two identical inner conductors shielded from themselves and also shielded with low inductance outer conductor and jacket

Rather than supply extensive technical information on cable properties we state the materials used in construction and list our impression of the cable under test.

DI.2 Construction Materials

Sommer Cable 200-0102 2 x 0.25 Balanced

PHOJAC01-03 Gold Plated 3.5mm RCA Phono Plugs

Listening Impression

Excellent bass levels, well defined sound stage, clearly defined instruments, minimal high frequency loss

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