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DCC Sound Decoders

DCC Sound Decoders.

Purchase dcc sound decoders from ESU Loksound and Zimo with a wide range of soundtracks. Explore our range of unique British Outline Diesels and Steamer soundtracks with RealDrive and Soundscape. Our sound projects use all facilities on the decoder to provide you with more features in addition to the regular soundtrack, horns and whistles. Our projects all contain a function called soundscape which can be used to create additional ambient sounds on a theme of you choice eg maybe your loco operates in a diesel depot or rural location, so you might choose “diesel depot” or “hedgerow” as your additional soundscape. Many of our projects are now being upgraded to “RealDrive” which improves the driveability of the loco. You can read more about these extra features which come as standard and are customizable by reading this article

If you have any questions before ordering we are happy to help. You can ask any questions by emailing douglas@wicknessmodels.co.uk

Our Soundscape decoders on Loksound are being updated to RealDrive daily, please browse below to find them

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