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Lenz Decoders

Lenz Decoders

Lenz DCC decoders are some of the best available, quality decoders from a quality European manufacturer, easy to program and in 99% of cases require no cv adjustment for good quality DCC running

Some information on Lenz Decoders well worth noting if you are considering which decoder to buy, over the years we have only experienced 1 genuine failure on a Lenz decoder and 1 failure on a controller despite having sold many hundreds. One of the main reasons for this is that accross the range of lenz decoders they are protected by good quality thermal overload circuits. A short circuit is detected but also when a long overload causing similar thermal damage occurs the drive circuit is shut down and fully protected. This means that instead of simply blowing when under conditions of short or overload like many US based decoders with inferior circuitry, they will simply cut out and allow you to reset either by thermal reset or overall reset. Essentially it is very difficult to lose a Lenz decoder through short circuit so you get a second chance instead of a puff of smoke. They are more expensive but they are worth it.

Wickness Models stocks a range of Lenz decoders to cover all of your requirements

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