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The SPROG computer system

Sprog DCC

Wickness Models is a stockist of the SPROG dcc range of computer programmer controllers which provide the ability to run your layout using a laptop or net-book as the control cab with the Sprog as a command station.

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Originally designed as a decoder programmer, the cab function provides a means to run your layout via your home computer with the same functionality and program-ability as with a more expensive DCC controller at a fraction of the cost. From the point of view of program-ability the computer schematics presented with the software give a better presentation of programming possibilities than you will find with most controllers in the budget and mid priced ranges. As long as you have an understanding of computer software this is an excellent, interesting and economic way to control your trains. The SPROG can be used in conjunction with JMRI’s free software , below you can see an example of 2 Graham Farish N Gauge sound converted diesels running on the Sprog II using it as a command station with multiple throttles:

The sprog range can be found on this link

SPROG II and SPROG 3 are stand-alone computer controlled programmers and controllers. They are not interfaces to any particular DCC system. The sprog system is capable of recognising the specific decoder manufacturers type when a loco is placed on the programming track. Once decoder type is selected the software will assign the specific programming screens required for the decoder. The software recognises all common European and American decoder types

Commands from the computer’s USB port are formatted into DCC packets for programming of decoders or operating small layouts or DCC accessory systems.

No additional hardware is required for programming sound decoders, but note that only the DCC CVs may be programmed. The SPROG is not able to download new sound files to sound decoders.

SPROG II is the original DCC Decoder Programmer-Controller sold worldwide. It can be used for running locos after programming or controlling a small layout with its integrated 1 Amp booster.

SPROG 3 is the new generation SPROG with a more powerful 2.5 Amp booster. Below you can see screenshots from the software showing available options for setting up a new loco, a loco roster, the throttle screen, and various programming options

The Roster Screen


A Single Throttle Called Up(Multiple Throttles Supported)


CV List(All can be written or read from here)


Adjustment Screen For Adjusting All Function Outputs To Your Needs


Basic Roster Entry Showing The Main Fields


Basic Addressing(No need to create 4 figure addresses with multiple cv’s)


Motor Characteristics including Back EMF Adjustment Possibilities


Basic Speed Speed Set Up Including Start, Mid and Upper Voltage


Easily Create Your Own User Defined Speed Curve On 128 Steps


Function Mapping(Easily map any function to the function button of choice)


Adjust Sound Characteristics Of Individual Functions Including Chuff Rate