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Piko 55040 SmartControl


The Piko 55040 SmartControl system uses exactly the same technology as the ESU ECoS mobile handset at less than half the price of the the combined purchase of both the ECoS and hand controller. It simply controls the trains from Piko’s app instead of ESU’s although they are interchangeable. The Piko App does all the same things including supporting 28 functions all of which can be changed to either momentary or latched. This feature alone sets European controllers apart from their American counterparts which are all supplied with only one momentary function and the rest latched. This enables this controller to be set up on any given sound locomotive to sound only when the function button is touched, so the equivelant of a driver blowing a horn or whistle rather than switching it on and then switching it off again. The handset connects to the command station wirelessly via an integrated wireless network, so you can go anywhere on your layout and still be in controll. You can control over 16000 locos and 1000 points from a single handset and you can easily toggle between locomotives using touch screen swipes as you do with a mobile phone. The throttle can be controlled by hand using the control knob or by touching the throttle bar on the screen which automatically moves the motorised throttle knob. Locos can be set up for 14, 28 oe 128 speed steps easily. Reading and writing of CV’s and programming is all easilly accessible through the Piko Apps menu and the unit comes with a dedicated programming track output as well as main line. It is also both updatable and expandable, the basic unit is a 2.5A system which will run up to 12 trains simultaneously at various speeds, but you can upgrade by adding a 5 Amp booster via loconet ports. The firmware can be upgraded via either USB memory stick or via an internet connection. In the video demonstartion seen here the Smart Controller has picked up a Class 22 locomotive fitted with an ESU Loksound decoder on the main line via Railcom Plus Auto Detect(exactly the same system as used on the ECoS), and assigned all the functions, with suitable icons(also programable if you want to change them) ready to run without any programming whatsoever so it is doing exactly the same as the ECoS

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