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ECOS 50200 DCC tutorials

Tutorials on the Ecos 50200 Controller

The ECoS 50200 controller is probably the most versitile and powerfull dcc controller on the market, equally suited to both beginner and the experienced dcc user, to read about some of its many attributes please browse the main article on the ECoS 50200 which can be found here

This article shows a series of video examples of the ECoS 50200 in use:

This video shows a Wickness Models Soundscape Class 37 being put through its paces, firstly note towards the end how we chech the soundtrack synchronisation by reversing direction several times at speed, you can hear how the engine tone dies and then throttles up perfectly again on change of direction with the engine tone increasing automatically as the loco regains speed, this is one of the major advantages of Wickness Soundscape projects over standard uk sound projects, namely a proper throttle response, secondly note how the model has been set up to be auto detected by Railcom on the ECoS controller, this has assigned symbols to all the functions you can see down the left on the controller and made certain functions “momentary” so that the loco can be operated like a real locomotive, you effectively become the driver, push a button and hold it to operate the sound until you release much as a driver would when operating functions in a real train

This video shows the way in which you can remotely control your ECoS 50200 dcc controller using a tablet computer or phone from any location on your layout. The sequence shows the ECoS, connected to your home router automatically acquiring an IP address, then using a free vpn client app on the android tablet(just get one from the google store free) you can connect to the ECoS and remotely control it from your tablet computer. The video shows a Class 37 fitted with wickness soundscape class 37 selected from the loco roster via the tablet and then put through its paces, control on the tablet is via a remote mouse operation using your touch screen, the mouse pointer can be seen moving to the required location on the screen during operation

This video shows how to How To Set Up Loksound and Lokpilot DCC Locomotives With The ECoS 50200 DCC Controller. The railcom autodetect function on the ECoS will self address any loco fitted with any ESU Loksound or Lokpilot decoder, and this is a simple function you can use to address any new loco without fuss. This video goes further however showing you how to customise your loco, with unique 4 figure address, unique name, unique picture and location in the ECoS roster of your choice. The ECoS 50200 is probably the most powerful and intuitive dcc control system available and when used with ESU Lokpilot decoders enhances the operation of your locomotives

This is a Wickness Models Sounscape Class 17 DCC Sound Conversion Setup With ECoS 50200 Autodetect. The video shows the way in which the railcom autodetect function on your ecos can be used to setup any loco fitted with an ESU loksound decoder and entered into the loco roster of your choice, in this case its diesel roster number 3