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Digitrax Control System

The Digitrax Super Empire Builder Xtra control system provides you with a control system which can be expanded at the same pace as your layout. When you invest in this control system you are supplied with one of the very best systems in its priceband, but you also receive all the necessary components, in the package, to make your layout ready for its next expansion.

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The basic package includes the DB150 Command Station and DT402 Throttle(with twin controls in one handset), giving you all you need to run many trains via the supplied 5 Amp power supply(included in the Wickness Model package).

It is however also supplied with a UP5 Universal panel and loconet cable which enables you to extend the reach of the DB150 Command Station to another location on your layout. This means that you can extend your layout fitting the UP5 to another location via the supplied loconet cable and when you are ready, all you need to do is purchase another DT402 throttle to plug into your UP5 and the new section of your layout is supplied with an additional twin throttle control making the total 4 throttles or more if you wish. Each UP5 panel can accept 3 throttles (2 on the front and one on the side).

The picture below shows all the items supplied in the original package demonstrating the way in which it is ready to upgrade to a top of the range system with the addition of a single DT402 Throttle Unit. The system is also ready to expand using the Duplex wireless system which can be added in with additional Loconet components.