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Dapol Class 66 DCC Conversion

We offer a DCC conversion on the early Dapol Class 66 chassis.

This is one of the most difficult conversions to tackle. There are two specific problems with this conversion, the first is to create two separate lighting circuits for forward and reverse and this involves extensive rewiring and soldering very close to the LED’s. Secondly, the chassis re-build after isolation of the lower motor terminal is very difficult as the bogies are too large to fit through the available space on the plastic side-frame assembly.

Despite the difficulties this is the most rewarding conversion of all the recent diesels, slightly more expensive than most but well worth the effort as the chassis and motor on this model are quite superb. When complete the model runs beautifully at slow speeds and the chassis provides better traction than any other available to date

For information on prices and decoders please contact us.

Here are a few examples.

Here are a few pictures showing a good way to tackle the lighting issue, this method strips out the old lighting system and replaces it:

1) Remove the original LED’s and lighting board, prepare 1.8mm LED’s to replace them all below

2) Close up of the prepared LED’s

3) First circuit glued in place

4) Both circuits glued in place

5) Close up of the new LED’s in place

6) Piece of Insulating tape either end provides all the light leakage shielding needed

7) Wire the new lighting circuits to the new DCC chassis. This is the best way to convert this model which has the best chassis motor combination I have ever seen in an N Gauge Diesel from any supplier