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Farish Class 08 DCC Sound With Stay Alive

Graham Farish Class 08 DCC Sound With Stay Alive

These models have short wheel base and rigid chassis’, consequently they can be prone to intermittent sound and movement when encountering point frogs, track undulations etc

Fitting a stay alive kit to eliminate these problems can be done very effectively but depending on the existing decoder installed in can be an expensive process

There are no options for stay alive with the MX next 18 decoder range (due to decoder size). Unfortunately the dcc sound factory fitted models are fitted with the original Zimo MX659 Next 18 DCC sound decoder.

If its a factory fitted sound decoder stay alive is therefore only an option if you change the decoder for one from the new MS range.

Using an MS590 decoder and STACO1 stay-alive kit it is possible to fit the STAC01 charging pcb under the MS590 and modify the cab creating space to fit 3 mini goldcaps.

The results are very effective.

There is another option with lifelink kit and single tantalum capacitor where the capacitor will fit without going into the cab and it would save a little on the fitting and type of kit but if you were to do it the first method produces far better results and this is the one we would recommend.

So If your model is already fitted with an MS590 decoder then the cost is only the fitting and the storage kit but if its a factory supplied MX659 you would also need to invest in the MS590 to get the benefit of stay alive.

If you have a non sound model it is also possible to fit stay alive using similar method as long as the decoder supports Lifelink or STAC01 connections. If this is not the case the model can still be hard wired with a decoder that does support these kits. Stay alive without sound in the DCC Ready version therefore is always an option.

Please get in touch if you have any enquiries on fitting stay alive to the new Graham Farish Class 08 DCC Ready and DCC Sound Models douglas@wicknessodels.co.uk